Activate Your Purpose

Activate Your Purpose

We all have our purpose in this life. You could say, in some ways, that we serve different purposes for different people at different times in our life.

To activate your purpose is to get into movement being in greater alignment with the full measure of your purpose while you here — to make a difference!

That said, some of you may have clarified in your mind what your overarching purpose is for the next dozen years or so or more.

Some of you may be trying to figure out what your purpose in life is supposed to be.

And many of you may be trying to live what you feel is your purpose in life in very real and concrete ways. Yet, you may not be sure how to go about doing that and keep a roof over your head and those who depend on you fed and clothed and participating in a life that has meaning and value for them.

In reality, we are constantly serving our purpose – in many small and big ways – in service to those we interact with throughout our lives.

That said, some of us feel called and compelled to serve an overarching call to action to make a significant difference in our world.

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