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To help you create and take the steps you need to take to nurture a positive impact in your world being in alignment with your life purpose

You will:

  • discuss with your coach your current plans on taking the steps unique to you to be in alignment with your life purpose
  • complete a pre-session questionnaire to assist with the discussion with your coach about your life purpose
  • sketch out key options and possibilities to assist you in your journey to be in greater alignment serving your calling
  • continue to build momentum after the consultation session accessing additional tools in your private client portal to help you review and identify the action steps unique to you and the fulfillment of your calling

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Apply the steps of a proven system to create and take the steps to serve your life purpose

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Steps of this system include:

  1. Define your new story
  2. Identify your superpowers and your villains
  3. Understand your current reality
  4. Getting clear on your purpose
  5. Identify gaps & how you’ll bridge them
  6. Release your old story
  7. Baby steps to your new story

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Get practical tips and ideas on topics to help you:

  • overcome the challenges that you are facing in your life to moving past the frustration, fear, anger and other strong emotions that keep you stuck in the same old cycle — and away from being in greater service to your calling
  • identify ways in which you can boost your alignment with your life purpose to feel more fulfilled in your life
  • improve your personal circumstances and your perception of your life and your place and part in it so that you can have a more positive impact in every sphere of your life — and increase your impact on the world around you
  • know what you can and need to create so that you can build an organization that you lead to help you have a massive impact on the world

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