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Attention Leaders in Education…


If you know it’s time for a change in your life, or things are actually changing on you right now, but you’re not sure where to start or what to do, this is for you…

Helping You to Create and Take the Steps You Need to Make a Positive Impact in the World While Being in Alignment with Your Purpose – As the World Changes Around You



If you’re here, you’re ready for a change.

And if you’re reading this, some of the following probably sounds familiar:

  • You want to make a positive influence on people’s lives but there are so many possibilities and you’re not entirely sure how to make the best use of what you have to offer, and you feel uncertain about what you can offer
  • You’re also looking for a good working environment where you feel productive, satisfied and can make a wider impact but you don’t want to bother people and you’re not sure who to talk to or what to do
  • And it would be great to be able to give back to society to feel your life has more meaning beyond work, and to have more connections to people and a community you feel can belong to, but your life keeps changing and you’re not sure where you fit
  • You wish you felt more grounded and clearer on your mission in life that makes good use of what is unique to you – your experiences, your skills, your abilities and more – yet you feel overwhelmed by where to start and confused by what steps you need to take and you whether you can reinvent yourself and leave your past behind
  • You hope for more stability and to feel more at peace in your life doing what is best suited to you, but you are having difficulty finding time to do fun and being available for those you care about the most

If any of these resonate with you, then I have good news: you’re in the right place, and you’re not alone.

Receive your free checklist and blueprint today and start to create and take the steps you need to make a positive impact in the world while being in alignment with your purpose – even if the world is changing around you.

What you will get in your free copy of the checklist of this blueprint to Activate Your Purpose

This 7-step blueprint and checklist will support you to transition into living a more fulfilled life in alignment with your purpose.

This  blueprint provides you guidance taking you through a full cycle of transformation. For each of the steps, an explanation is provided to help you understand what you need to do. A checklist is included in each step to help you track completing the elements within each step.

These steps include: 

Step 1. Define Your New Story
  • You need to get clear on where you would like to be. This guides the rest.
  • Knowing where you want to end up helps you be more effective as understanding what forks in the road to take when you come before decision points.
Step 2. Identify your Superpowers & Villains
  • Key to aligning with living a more fulfilled life is understanding your natural strengths and abilities
  • Also, your life experiences are your guideposts to helping you know where you can be of service to others.
  • Recognizing and acknowledging how certain ways of doing and seeing things might have prevented you in the past from living your purpose more fully helps you know how to work with them rather then they work against you.
Step 3. Understand Your Current Reality
  • When you are able to take a step back to look at your life up to now from a neutral standpoint, you are able to better discern what steps you need to take to move in the direction that you want to go moving forward.
Step 4. Getting Clear on Your Purpose
  • Understand how your life experiences to date form an essential part of living your life purpose. This includes what you experienced, what you did to move past the challenges, and what you would share with others on how to get through those challenges.
  • Give yourself permission to dream as you did when you were young before life started happening, and bills needed to be paid, and so on and so forth. In your dreams and imaginings lie the pathways to understanding and expressing your greater purpose.
Step 5. Identify Gaps & How You’ll Bridge Them
  • This step brings together much of the thinking and reflection work you have done so far.
  • You compare and contrast the information to better understand how you will move from where you are now to where you want to be eventually.
  • You are more clear on how you can have your strengths help you move forward, and what you can do so that your weaknesses don’t take up as much space preventing you from making your dreams and desires a reality.
Step 6. Release Your Old Story
  • This step is essential in the process as it allows you to let go of the old to let in the new. Without this step, you will easily find yourself repeating the old patterns of the past.
  • Useful and helpful techniques assist you with letting go of your old story.
Step 7. Baby Steps to Your New Story
  • Congratulations! You’ve done the work to think through what you want and don’t want, what your strengths and weaknesses are, to establish an action plan to get to where you want to be, and to let go of your old story to let in the new story you envisioned for yourself. Well done!
  • Be patient with yourself. Each step, one baby step at a time, will get you to that place where you feel more fulfilled in your life.
  • Being in the present with each step of the way is as important as the destination. So be sure to enjoy each moment of the many small steps taking you to what you have envisioned for yourself being in service to your life purpose.

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