In Harmony with Earth

In Harmony with Earth

Some say the planet Earth is going through a process that will see more fair-minded practices improve the world and how we live within it.

People are changing the way in which they interact with the world to make it a better place to live for generations to come. This is happening on many levels and in many different disciplines.

True, there’s still much work to do as there’s a lot going on that has damaged the earth in many ways over a very long period of time.

That said, many are taking action to improve how they want to live. Many more want to do something more. With all of this interest and effort, it’s looking more and more likely we’ll be able to level up the planet.

And yes, for the gamers among you, this is also a cheeky play on words “leveling up” in a game or simulation. As you build your avatar to improve its ability to handle the challenges on any given level, and ultimately face the big boss at the end of a level, the avatar must necessarily level up too – getting ready and meeting those challenges.

One last bit to consider. Some say, in certain circles, that the planet – Gaia herself – is preparing to level up too.

I’m curious to explore the many different ways that we are leveling up our planet.

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