Twin Flames on Mission

Twin Flames on Mission

The twin flame journey is not for the faint of heart. Nor is it about romance.

It’s about being in alignment with your mission on earth. As I read in a quorum post once, reunion is a by-product of you getting in alignment with your purpose to make a difference to help level up the planet.

The twin flame journey is about twin flames on mission. Whether or not you meet or get to reunite with your twin soul some day, you have work to do to bring balance into your life, deal with old hurts and patterns, forgive the past and move toward a brighter future — all of that so that you be in service to your higher purpose.

When the twin flame journey gets activated, you experience a particular set of challenges that you can’t explain and that make no sense to you in the normal sense of how you’ve lived your life up until a certain point. Then something happens that forces you to re-examine how you understand your relationship with yourself, with others, and even with the world.

No time like the present — like right now! — to keep moving forward building momentum doing the work to be on mission stepping fully into your life assignment.